BFRT Phase 2B "Bridge the Gap” Fundraising Campaign

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The state has decided to step up and fund the remaining $350K of the design work.  Please stay tuned for additional information on this exciting development.  At this time the FBFRT have suspended the Bridge the Gap campaign and will be contacting donors about their donations to the campaign.

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Phase 2B is the mile long segment and bridge across Route 2 from Acton to Concord.   It turns out the final design cost for the bridges over Route 2 and Nashoba Brook will cost ~$1,050,000.  Between Acton and Concord the Towns have or are appropriating $700,000 in design.  That leaves a $350,000 funding gap.

The BFRT Phase 2B Bridge the Gap fundraising campaign has the goal of raising $50,000 of the $350,000 needed to pay for the Phase 2B design.  Simultaneously the FBFRT will be asking the state legislators and the MassDOT to pay for the remaining $300,000.  The FBFRT hope that the $50,000 raised from fundraising campaign will help show state legislators and MassDOT the strong public support that the BFRT has and entice the state to ante up the last $300,000.

To make a donation please use the secure online donation (button to your right) or mail your donation to:

Bridge the Phase 2B Gap
c/o Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
P.O. Box 1192
Concord, MA 01742